About HSJ

Founded in 1999, HSJ is family-run business that provides security and technology design, engineering, project management, and owner’s representative services for clients across the globe.

HSJ Expertise


When it comes to technology systems design and security solutions, we have over 20 years of genuine work experience.

Within the hundreds of projects we have completed, you’ll find everything from healthcare facilities to high-security projects for the Department of Defense. We’ve designed systems for airports and other Government buildings as well.

What we want to convey, is that if these high-profile organizations trust us to deliver reliable and secure systems, so can you.

Unique Approach

We chose to focus our firm’s efforts on security and technology with the goal to eliminate the added project costs that come from breakdowns in coordination and oversight on these complex interdependent scopes of work. Far too often, we have witnessed owner disappointment with system functionality and project delays caused by loose requirements, poor designs, and boiler plate specifications.

We decided to put an end to these project issues by assembling a team of multi-disciplined experts to design integrated systems, create detailed drawings, and oversee construction so projects stay on-schedule and owners aren't left disappointed.


When considering any consultant for a project, we know price is one of the leading factors. We make sure our clients see a strong return on their investment in our team and it is typical for our fees to be offset by the cost savings we deliver projects.

Our cost savings come from creating project specific designs and specifications, coordinating design dependencies across disciplines, and avoiding compliance issues.


We have absolutely no affiliations with any manufacturers or products. What does this mean for you? It means that we have your best interest at heart and aren’t pushing you to use a certain company’s product so that we can make a sale. This independent approach at HSJ allows our design engineers to approach your project completely unbiased, which ensures you get the right fit product for your specific needs and standards.

Cutting Edge

To create highly coordinated designs for your facility, we use the latest and greatest drafting software. Whether you are using 2-D AutoCAD or 3-D Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools like Revit, our firm will create error-free, coordinated, and compliant system designs for your project. Our customers deserve the best, and that’s what we strive for.



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