Our physical security experts assess security gaps, identify solutions and build feasible improvement roadmaps that meet our clients’ safety, security, operational and end-user experience goals. From security assessments and requirements gathering to policy, procedure and standards development, we help clients understand their risks and how to mitigate them.


Our Services

Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

Incidents of harm, loss and damage to your organization’s people, infrastructure, property and assets typically result in significant losses in brand trust, operations and sales.  HSJ’s proven assessment methodology identifies risks in your safety and security then ranks them using quantitative threat and vulnerability scoring. A final assessment report is presented with detailed findings and an outline of remediation recommendations for your organization.

Security Program Audit

Our security program audit determines the compliance status of your security systems, identifies gaps in your security policies and procedures and evaluates the effectiveness of your incident response protocols.  Security audit reports are then delivered with corresponding recommendations for short term and longer-term improvements. 

Policy & Procedure Development

Physical security systems alone are not adequate to protect a site and its assets. Security policies and procedures must also be put in place to govern the use of the security systems and to define response protocols.  Our experience and expertise will expedite the development of your security policies and procedures and ensure they are comprehensive and compliant.

Standards Development

Security standards that govern safety and security devices must be adhered to ensure integration compatibility with other systems.  Standards for a facility act as overall minimum requirements that must be met and as special instructions to designers, contractors and support personnel. 

Security Compliance

Security compliance is about maintaining the standards prescribed in contractual agreements, legal mandates and internal policies.  HSJ’s physical security specialists will work with your organization to identify gaps in compliance and provide remediation recommendations.

Intertek Certified Fire Door Inspection

Your building’s fire-rated and life-safety doors are an essential part of its overall fire and building life safety protection system. These components require annual inspection per the NFPA guidelines. Contact us to schedule a fire door inspection or remediation consultation from one of our Intertek Certified Fire Door Assembly Inspectors (CFDAI). 

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