Owners, architects, engineers, and contractors all trust our expert team to provide thoroughly coordinated designs for low voltage, physical security, and life safety systems on their most complex projects.



Our Scope of work

Network reliability and scalability is imperative to the sustained success of an organization. Our certified network engineers design and engineer robust, secure, and high performing IT systems you can depend on. We ensure your systems standards are met and help you look beyond any current constraints to develop an infrastructure that is efficient for operations and ready for future growth.

Low voltage systems enable wireless access, building automation, multimedia spaces, electronic safety and security systems, and other network based solutions. Our firm gives low voltage systems the attention they require by focusing solely on them and not on the full suite of traditional MEP systems and components. We use the latest design tools to stay tightly coordinated with other disciplines.

Our team understands the complex dependencies that must be accounted for when designing, engineering and implementing reliable and life safety code compliant security solutions.  From traditional systems like electronic access controls, surveillance, video management and mass notification to highly customized solutions such as real time location systems, video analytics, and automated threat detection, we deliver security systems that meet your objectives.

Our team can design everything from a simple conference room to advanced interactive presentation spaces, command centers, courtroom systems and state-of-the-art boardrooms.  Our designs focus on intuitive operation while delivering a wow factor to employees and guests.

Doors, frames and door hardware are evolving and have become increasingly more complex as automatic doors and network based electro-mechanical locking arrangements have become the norm. Our extensive experience in openings design and specifications spans over 30 years and we have saved clients millions of dollars in rework and project delays by coordinating their Division 08 design specifications with electronic safety and security systems.

Why use a specialist?

Our independent and focused approach to design engineering for Division 08 (Openings), 27 (Data & Communications) and 28 (Electronic Safety & Security) allows us to create and specify systems in an unbiased manner and tightly coordinate each dependency between the three scopes.  HSJ has no direct affiliations with any manufacturer or product. HSJ serves our clients’ best interests, not a  manufacturer’s bottom line.

Our DESIGN Tools

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