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How You Can Prevent Systems Neglect on Construction Projects

We see the impact of systems neglect on projects every day. Systems neglect isn’t intentional though. It typically happens when an owner’s internal IT resources are stretched so thin that they can’t give engineering teams their full system requirements during the design phase of a project. This lack of detailed direction often results in architects and engineers providing a basic (typical) level of systems infrastructure and then integrators issuing change orders for modifications/additions during construction to meet owner requirements. This method keeps projects moving during design phases but ends in owner disappointment, budget overruns, and delays late in projects.

Do these symptoms of systems neglect on construction projects sound familiar to you? 

    • Undersized data centers, MDFs, & IDFs that make on-going operations and future growth difficult for users

    • Costly change orders from missed requirements, design coordination breakdowns, and code compliance violations

    • Unauthorized product substitutions that don’t meet owner specifications/standards for cabling, switch gear, power supplies, patch cords, sleeves, wire managers, racks, etc.

    • Overflowing cable-trays

    • Packet loss and wireless connectivity issues from overextended cable runs and subpar WAP layouts/installations

Our experienced team can prevent systems neglect by giving you the extra bandwidth you need on construction projects. We survey your existing systems and use the latest industry best practices to make sure your requirements are met and standards are upheld. We also keep projects on-time and on-budget by anticipating your needs and proactively addressing system challenges! The design is just the beginning though, our team continues watching your back and ensuring you get the systems you need by reviewing submittals, answering RFIs, and performing inspections at key milestones during construction. A good design can be ruined if the right oversight and guidance isn’t given throughout the bid and construction process. 

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