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Critical Infrastructure


JEA owns, operates and manages the distribution and maintenance of nearly all electric, water and water treatment systems in Jacksonville, Florida. JEA grew from a department of city government to an independent authority in 1967 and is now the largest community-owned utility in Florida and the 8th largest in the United States. HSJ currently serves as an owner’s representative and specialty consultant on JEA’s security initiatives by providing physical security assessment and technology consulting, design engineering and construction administration services on critical infrastructure security projects



Services provided to JEA include assessment, design engineering and construction oversight for various technology and security applications including, but not limited to perimeter security, surveillance, electronic access control, mechanical and electromechanical doors, frames, and door hardware, automatic doors/gates, key systems and electronic and mechanical key control, decorative and security perimeter fencing, security lighting requirements, mass communication, duress, emergency call station, intrusion detection, and visitor management systems. These systems, critical to the safety and security of the nation’s power and drinking water supply, are deployed across hundreds of various critical infrastructure sites like power generation and management stations, water reclamation and treatment sites, dispatch centers and data centers. Meeting the security compliance, durability and dependability requirements of these mission critical systems in the harsh Florida climate is a challenge that we tackle head on for each project with JEA.


Recent Projects Include:

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