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Case Study: Custom Network Door Station Solution

Safety and security are major concerns in hospitals today. Active shooter situations, behavioral health issues, patient elopement, and medical device theft are just a few of the daily risks hospitals face. New security technology solutions are being rapidly deployed to prevent these nightmare scenarios but there are multiple factors that must be accounted for when retrofitting new security devices in existing healthcare facilities. Certain characteristics of the building structure may disrupt device functionality or result in poor system usability if they aren’t understood and addressed. Experienced security engineers can identify these potential challenges early in projects and create tailored solutions to overcome them. This case study describes where one of these challenges was discovered during a recent security technology upgrade project and how the HSJ team designed a creative and cost-effective solution.

When designing and engineering security solutions for an existing building, the physical structure can be less than accommodating for the installation of the new devices. One of HSJ’s clients wanted to add the AXIS A8105-E Network Video Door Station, a trusted multipurpose security device that enables users to remotely grant access to secure areas using video verification, 2-way voice communication, and remote unlock features. The standard flush mount accessory for the door station allows it to sit recessed on the wall near an access point (door, elevator, etc.) and works great when it can be mounted in an open area. However, the standard mount poses usability issues for people requesting access and can limit the camera’s field of view when it is deployed in alcoves and tight hallways.  Operation of the door station using the standard mount in these tight areas is frustrating for patients and the poor field of view from the camera could compromise assets. A custom design solution to address the poor camera angle was required to use the door station effectively.

HSJ’s security design engineers are familiar with these types of challenges on projects and decided to think outside the box. They created a complimentary component for the door station that would meet accessibility requirements for patients and enable full functionality of the security enhancement solution. The team designed a custom plastic door mount that allowed for the door station camera to be positioned at the proper angle for capturing video of people requesting access to the secure area. The mount was sized appropriately to fit both the back of the A8105-E Door Station and the one gang receptacle it was being installed in. It was designed in AutoCAD and produced by a third-party 3D printing company. The design process went through multiple iterations in order to ensure a flawless solution for the unique circumstance.

When security professionals encounter issues, they attempt to find the most practical solution available. Since this device was being installed in a hospital setting, certain compliance requirements and client standards had to be met. Most healthcare organizations maintain an approved list of devices that can be used in their facilities. While you can request for a new device to be added to the approved list, it is typically more cost effective to adapt an existing approved device to a special circumstance compared to training everyone on a new device. The plastic composition of the custom mounting piece was intentionally made simple enough to qualify as a complimentary piece to the door station and not as its own device. These seemingly small details are all carefully thought through when designing components for a highly regulated facility.

Implementation of the custom door station mount will provide patients and visitors with a streamlined experience as they interact with the client’s security team. At the same time, the client will avoid the cost of stationing a physical guard at the location and instead offer remote verification and access to the secure area..  A true win, win result. 

The HSJ team has helped clients overcome obstacles just like these when implementing new technologies into their facilities on hundreds of projects. Our acute attention to detail and professional experience help us deliver exceptional solutions on all the projects we are engaged on. Contact us to discuss how we can help you deliver on your organization’s security and technology goals.

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