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HSJ’s New HQ Prepared for Post COVID-19 Operations

Jacksonville, FL – Technology consulting firm, H. Stephen Jones & Associates, Inc. (HSJ), is creating an office of the future where other businesses can come see first-hand the leading smart office and security technology solutions on the market. Before visitors even get through the lobby of HSJ’s new headquarters, they will experience infrared fever screening systems being used to combat COVID-19, personalized digital signage triggered by facial recognition, smart lighting, cellphone-based building access, and mobile weapons detection solutions. Once inside the main office and lab space, visitors will be able to demo gunshot and aggression detection enabled cameras, remote lockdown tools, advanced collaboration spaces, interactive multimedia displays, and conference rooms with the latest audio-visual systems. HSJ believes it is imperative for their clients to have unbiased access to these rapidly evolving solutions to gain confidence in how they work and understand if they are a good investment for their organization.

With the heightened level of safety and security necessary in response to the COVID-19 crisis, HSJ’s new office will be a model for other businesses to follow to ensure their people are protected from both visible and invisible (infectious) threats. To safeguard clients’ investments, HSJ uncovers each client’s individual safety and security needs then creates tailored solutions that have the greatest positive business impact. The new headquarters’ space allows HSJ to expand its lab and further test solutions and integrations between systems to assure clients of each system’s compatibility and reliability.

The additional space at the new headquarters will also house an innovation lab for student startups focused on creating new security technology solutions for healthcare. HSJ is currently seeking partnerships with local colleges like the University of North Florida’s upcoming MedNEX program to launch the incubator. Student engineers will have the opportunity for internships where they can work alongside experts from HSJ on a wide variety of projects.

For over 20 years, Jacksonville, Florida based family owned business, HSJ, has helped clients keep their facilities secure and launch cutting edge technology systems. They have worked on military bases, courthouses, hospitals, jails, airports, transportation hubs, universities, research labs, and corporate offices. Recent projects have included the new Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center, Orlando International Airport, Nemours Children’s Hospital, and Texas Children’s Hospital. Since being named one of Jacksonville Business Journal’s 50 fastest growing companies in 2016, HSJ has continued to grow and purchased their new headquarters on Richard Road in January to accommodate additional team members and add more lab space. The team plans to move in late summer 2020 and will host a grand opening event once it is safe to do so. Call Ryan Lee at 904-260-0024 for more information or to schedule a tour of the facility.

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